G. Genette-'s-account-of-hypertextuality and S. Palimpsestes, Genette has revisited his formulation of metalepsis as a 'transgression délibérée d'un seuil d'enchâssement' in various works, including 'Discours du récit', in Figures III (Paris: Seuil, 1972), and more recently Métalepse : de la figure à la fiction (Paris : Seuil, Nouveau discours du récit, vol.68, pp.7-96239, 1982.

R. Alter and P. Magic, The Novel as a Self-Conscious Genre This connection can be observed in instructive titles such as Susan Stewart's Nonsense: Aspects of Intertextuality in Folklore and Literature, Margaret Rose's Parody) and Parody: Ancient, Modern and Post-Modern, p.p.ix, 1975.